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Plop Plop Plop

April 15, 2012

It’s been a long time coming, but finally the pantry is bare.  Not of chocolate sadly, but of the toys that we put in there at christmas as bribes to our beautiful star.  Whilst he’s known full-well what the toys are there for (rewards for when he does a poo on the loo), for the past  4 months he has simply incorporated them into his play (boxes and all), and although he’s not been able to touch them, he has regularly been in and out of the pantry, whilst in mid-flow of what ever game world he’s currently in, bringing the toys in the boxes into it.  We were slowly giving up hope that these might in anyway be an incentive, as the more he played with them in-situ, the less they were probably seen as a reward.  And so we upped the ante, promising him a ‘big buzz’ (and a trip to the ever miserable toysrus) as well as the toys in the pantry.  Though there was much excitement and talk about this, it still didn’t materialise into action, as it were.

Considering the size of the prize, the reward was somewhat disproportionate to what was actually in the loo...

And then, i think somewhat by mistake, he did it!!!  And so, small buzz and dragon were released from their top-shelf prison boxes.  And then again…and dragon and a slinky came down.  And then again…in fact, he started managing to pop out tiny deer-sized pellets, just to get a new toy each time (again, somewhat defeating the ‘big’ reward theory).  But, the psychological barrier was finally  broken.  And so  now, having exhausted the toys and the Buzz’s, we’ve moved onto jelly babies (aghhhh, open packets of sweets, taunting me…on top of the chocolate…), and soon, if we’re lucky, we can forget all about rewards as it will be normal and fine.

But dear god is it a blessed relief!  Not to have to be physically close and wiping shit up from at least one child.  We SHALL NOT be leaving it so late with the hat.  If we’re lucky, we’ll be done with the whole nappy/potty thing in about 9 months time!!!  My god, the end is nigh!  And bring it on!!!!

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