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Fwends, Woemans…

April 28, 2012

…may i pwesent, woeful Wroxeter:

Obvs we went there over a week ago, when there was still a sun in the sky

Billed as the biggest roman ruins, EVER.  With the largest, tallest, most expansive real live roman wall, EVER.  As featured on the SENSATIONAL C4 ‘documentary’ with the salt o’ the earth jobbing builders re-building an entire house from scratch!  Using only Roman tools!!!!

Perhaps you can sense our disappointment at the site of a small field with some bricks, and across the road a gaudy looking villa.  Not to sound too snobby, but darhhhhlings, once you’ve been to pompei, rome etc, one becomes a bit spoiled and expectant at the prospect of ruins.

However, the villa was quite fun; wonderful views, with a few modifications could be a fantastic house.  And perfectly suited for the cauliflower heads to visit (no stairs).

This is my most favourite new argot.  It’s what they call all the old codgers driving along, dangerously close to changing up to 3rd gear.  We’ve slightly adapted it, and now also encounter broccoli heads, our generic catch-all for bumpkin drivers.  Aghhhhh, they’re bloody everywhere!  Though, there is one thing to be said about them, they know how to use a slow lane.  There is genuinely a marked difference in driving that i’ve noticed.  As soon as you enter the M54 and on into Wales, people actually use the slow lane.  There’s no cruising around in the middle.  It’s all very polite and civilised.  The downside of course is that there isn’t many double or even triple laned roads around this way.  But, still….

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