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May 10, 2012

There is an old saying, something along the lines of “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”, an adage that most bloggers pay little heed to, but one that i’ve been trying to live by…


However, this weather is not helping.  Although we were able to make an excursion on Sunday, being cooped up inside with the kids, with the certain knowledge that there’s loads of lovely places to go and see, is starting to get to me!!!  We nipped over the border on Sunday to go and see Powys Castle.  Which is actually quite fabulous.  Or not, my expectations may now be so low, combined with some kind of cabin-fever, that i seriously can not make any judgement calls.  However, it was of course free…and lovely for walks and picnics, and imagining yourself to be slaying dragons etc etc.  So generally ideal for all the family.

Meanwhile, the cauliflower heads have been staging flash mobs – taking over shops and queues as if their hearing aids are implants that want to swarm together.  And the broccoli sprouts are in-charge at both starfucks’, meaning that even if there’s no queue (cauliflowers and broccoli’s apparently don’t mix), you’ll still be waiting over 10 minutes, as teenagers just simply don’t get urgency.  So, a simple trip into town to post a letter and pick up a take-away coffee can take 45 minutes.  hmmm.

And whilst i’m on a bit of a moan…moving to the country, contrary to my misguided calculations, does not give you a cheaper cost of living.  Quite the opposite.  Dry cleaning?  Alterations?  Unfeasibly expensive.  Adam and i spent a weekend a while ago literally pinging from one dry cleaner to the next, in shock.  Petrol?  My god, we’re starting to become the kind of people who cluck as we pass garages, checking on their prices.  Suddenly it matters.  Before, where the car was used for high days and holidays, and petrol stations were so one-a-penny, the price wasn’t so important (nor i think was there much difference, but that’s just a jealous feeling, as obvs i never actually looked), but now, since it’s an every day staple, it matters.


Please let the weather improve soon…

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