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And so it begins…

May 18, 2012

Last night was the first ‘event’ on the committee’s calendar, excluding the workshops.  A green-themed pub quiz, hosted by the ‘infamous’ Mike Streetly.  I say ‘infamous’, as i’ve no idea who he is, and that sounded good on the publicity…And i’ve learnt a lot in a short amount of time.  Not least how to say ‘green’ in 26 different languages.  There was general confusion at the pub as to when the quiz should start, the food didn’t arrive ’til way after the quiz (too late for our diabetic neighbour), and the quiz master was game definitely, but not necessarily expert.  The landlady did not seem particularly happy with the way the evening rolled (though she may just have a that kind of face…), though there was a fair turn-out and the pub looked like it could certainly do with the trade.  Oh, and we lost miserably (our scores at the end the same as some scores at half-time)…which kind of summed up the evening for me!!!  All good lesson’s for next year’s festival…though am starting to slightly anticipate with dread the rest of this year’s…


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