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Crash and Burn

May 24, 2012

Thank god for imagination

Well, i should never have claimed my engineering skills were all that.  What was i thinking?  It would last til the weekend?  No, it collapsed last night (as i brazenly left it out and didn’t put it in a shed, mistakenly believing that we were living in a warmer clime than we are).  It must be said that my enthusiasm for construction waned somewhat towards the end of Tuesday, so you can imagine the vim that i had for it this afternoon…so we opted for ‘imaginary’ repairs.  Though i did paint some splurges on a ‘dashboard’ so that it could land and take off, and the wings worked (and the doors, had to be very specific with which sized buttons did what etc etc).  Wee man was apparently genuinely upset when i had to break the news to him that we would not in fact be able to go into outer space at the weekend in his spaceship.  The line between imagination and reality is indeed very thin at 3 and three quarters.

In other news, i had an eventful morning of muppetry.  Walked through the lovely park alongside the river to the swimming pool, signed up no1 child for swimming lessons, went to pay…had lost my purse.  So came back home (round trip of over an hour).  Panicked.  Still no purse.  Put the hat down for a nap, and got a call from the swimming pool – they’d found my purse.  So with the prospect of another hour long walk ahead of me, i opted to try her out on the bike seat.  Well, it was quicker.  But boy did she not take to the helmet.  She managed to get it off twice and spent the whole time yelling and pulling at it.  Though when she forgot momentarily that she hated the hat she seemed to quite enjoy herself, pushing and kicking at me to go faster and ‘weeeeee’.  She’s totally the opposite to her brother, who timidly took the helmet and sat quiet as a mouse on the back.  Hey ho, tell me something i didn’t already know.

Right, off to another committee meeting.  I’m saving the anecdotes up for a mammoth dump (hmmm, nice image), once the festival’s over and i’ve gathered my thoughts on how best to progress.  You can imagine.  We’ve really only just begun and already i’m having to do a lot of rumination, biting my lips and biding my time…

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  1. June 2, 2012 1:16 am

    Think I’m more or less caught up now Rosie – very funny writing: life happening between committee meetings.
    Re cardboard boxes and poverty – this reminds me of when I was a 20 year old step-mother of three and, unsurprisingly, very very poor. So poor that the kids got terribly excited at the prospect of a big cardboard box which they could turn into a car. Only trouble was the cardboard box car – like the real car – would never start so eventually, after much br-br-br- brs, the smallest kids would be kicked out of the box “to give it a push.” The sound “vroooooooom” just wasn’t in their vocabulary. xxx

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