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Work, huh, what is it good for?

June 1, 2012

So, we’re officially brassic.  Shopped in Aldi to day for the first time.  My, that’s an eye opener i tell you people…no wonder there’s an obesity epidemic.  There was some (remarkably cheap) fresh vegetables, though i’ll let you know whether or not they taste any good (and dear god, the food miles are not exactly eco-healthy), but mainly it was about ‘flavoured’ meat and frozen fast food.  You know it’s bad when they can’t even call sausages sausages, but ‘pork flavoured chipolattas’.  Their advertising maybe cute, but the food is not.  I resisted the urge to leave the half-full shopping trolley mid-aisle and run for my life, but, and i honestly kid you not, my way was blocked by obese people, some in mobility scooters, and extremely frail cauliflower heads.  So, i compromised by only spending £16.  TBH, this was partly driven by the fact that at least 25% of the shop was given over not to groceries, but to buckets of useless tat, such as wrench kits for £4.99.  They don’t tell you about that in the advertising.  Then we stopped at Morrison’s for the rest.  Another first.  Actually i was most impressed.  We’ve had their account at work for a long time, and i’d heard the hype over their ‘market street’, but the layout and variety, and cost of what was on offer was excellent.  Possibly even worth the 15 min car journey.   It would appear that this slightly convoluted approach has saved us about £50.  The acid test will be next week, once it’s not half term, and i’m not using up the freezer stocks.  And i thought it was bad enough having to go to Sainsbury’s rather than Waitrose…how the mighty have fallen!!!!

Obviously, the easy way to solve this problem would be for me to start earning some money.  And to that end i have been busy.

First, i’ve been in touch with work.  Called their bluff.  Said i’m coming back 5 days a week, and what’ve they got?  Well, they’ve come back with a pile of poo.  Fobbing me off with shite clients for 50% of my role, and some unclear ‘intra-departmental’ role for the other 50%.  They’ve recently lost 3 big clients, so i am hoping that they may pay me off, but i have to tread carefully.  What i want to do is tell them to stuff it, but i have a sneaky suspicion that if i push it (“this is not a comparable position”), they may give in to paying me off.  But it’s a tricky game.  They know that i’m not in town anymore, and are probably hoping that i’ll just quit.  Which i may well do, but worth a bit more negotiating and punting next week.

In the meantime, my plan to use the committee as a springboard is starting to come to fruition.  Have been making friends with the local press, getting publicity for the event.  And at the same time pitching a few ideas here and there.  The Shropshire Star wants to publish a feature on ‘my time working with rebekah’.  An online magazine ‘Shropshire Live’ went mental for my cakery review idea – but they can’t even cover my expenses…am hoping that once i get the feature in the Star then i can pitch that idea at them, and that they  might have some budget to actually make it worthwhile.  If they don’t bite then i’ll do it for the online mag just to get my name out there.  But, going to try to stick to my guns and start a career doing something that i love, that i can make work round the kids.  I really don’t want to end up commuting to manchester or birmingham, working 70 hour weeks, for a hell of a lot less money than i could be making in London.

Luckily, Adam’s been offered full-time employment at New College next year, so that takes the pressure off a wee bit.  We will just have to adjust to being poor.  Though rich in family life.  Which is what it’s all about right?

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  1. June 2, 2012 5:08 pm

    Right! go get em Clucker, and deffo follow that dream, you’re far too talented not to! x

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