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Hat’s Off – She’s ONE!!!

June 8, 2012

The first slice is always the best…

I genuinely can’t believe it, the Hat is One year old…and apart from the fact that this quite epic milestone has come around far too quickly, it’s highlighted to me more than anything how my ‘parenting skills’ have devolved between child no1 and child no2.  Whilst i’m still a strong believer in rules and boundaries, and these being laid down strongly, some of my more extreme practices have become a bit lax.  TV, for example.  No1 child didn’t watch any telly at home until he was well over 2, whereas now i’m busier with the two of them, he often gets a bit of disney-time in the afternoon, if the weather’s no good (which sadly, us being practically in rainy wales, it is rather too often).  She will inevitably therefore get exposed to it, and although she’s not that bothered by it and would much rather practice her cruising, she does roar at the animals, so is obviously taking it in a bit.  I do feel guilty about this, but need at least 30 mins of unfettered calm in order to prepare tea!  The other area where no2 child has it very differently is with regards to cake.  Whereas you could’ve called me Annabel Karmel for the first 18 months of his life, i was that anal about following her menus and moving from purees to lumpy food to finger food, for the hat i went straight in with the baby-led-weaning.  Which has been utterly fabulous in many aspects, not least the fact that there’s no need to cook separate meals, nor to actually spoon feed her.  And as she’s taken to it so spectacularly well, and other than cucumber, will eat anything that i put in front of her.  However, if she senses for even a second that she’s not got what her brother’s got, then all hell breaks out.  And thus she has had ice cream, jelly, even chocolate (completely verboten for poor deprived no1 child until quite recently).  Luckily they’re both fruit and veg freaks, so am not too worried.  But whereas wee man has barely got a sweet tooth at all, she will literally climb out of her chair and across the table to get at some pudding.  Fingers crossed that she would’ve been that way regardless, and it’s not my poor parenting that’s caused it!!!

Needless to say therefore, that whereas our little universe didn’t get a birthday cake until he was 3 (i did make redcurrant muffins for his second birthday, but they barely had sugar in…poor thing), she had 3 (3!!!!) slices of vicky sponge, and loved every mouthful!!!  Bless.

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  1. June 10, 2012 9:46 am

    A girl after my own heart – happy Birthday to the Hat!

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