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What is my LinkedIn Status?

July 16, 2012

The momentous day happened last Monday.  I officially am resigned, an ex-worker, a proud owner of a P45, a dole-muncher.  A full-time housewife????!!!!!  My pride can’t deal with that last epithet.  I was bought up too much of a communist to think that in of itself this is an honourable job title.  Mostly it just feels like a betrayal.  Of all my mother and her friends fought for.  Of Emily Pankhurst.  Of the millions of women trapped in a life of servitude with no option to be educated, to have a career…

Thrice now i’ve had to admit now that i am a full-time mum.  On each occasion it’s felt worse than i could have imagined.  Like i am brandishing a placard that shouts ‘i read the Daily Mail, and i buy into their misogynistic view of the world, that only ‘good’ women stay at home, that ‘bad’ mothers work’.  Compounded each time by the distinct impression that the person to whom i’m saying this to is already madly waving that placard, and is wanting me to jump on-board their crazy-wagon.

And i can’t do it.

But, it is true that in moving to Shropshire, part of the appeal was that i would not have to (or be able to) carry on running in the rat-race.  That it would force me out of the relative ‘comfort’ of 60hr work weeks, to do something that i loved, and that would be more compatible with having a family.  But until that is more than just a pie in the sky, i feel that i must contend with the evil sobriquet.

That said though, i am not resting on my laurels entirely.  Have had my first paycheque from the local paper, and they’re considering a pitch for a weekly column that i made, so will keep plugging away there.  The pay’s utterly pitiful, but that’s not the point.  From acorns etc etc.  And my old company may have a project for me to write up in a month or so (and there at least i think the money may not be all bad), plus am doing a bit of editing for a friend’s op eds, which is inspiring to say the least.  Once i’ve got  my 3rd commission i may pluck up the guts to change my LinkedIn profile, not to ‘mum’, but to ‘freelance wordsmith’…softly softly catchee monkey…

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  1. July 16, 2012 11:19 am

    Good on ya…In my book you honour the sisters by using your right to choose for the life that’s right for you and your family, surely that was always the goal? x

  2. Mark permalink
    July 16, 2012 11:22 am

    self employment is the only thing thats worked for me, rock on I say.

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