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August 6, 2012

Who wouldn’t travel for miles to see a sight such as this?

It’s been a while folks…soz.  But there’s good reason – we’ve been busy!  Doing a bit of touristy stuff, going camping, throwing parties, walking and getting older.

Actual Vegetables! Not shop-bought!!!

So, i’ll start with the Oswestry Fair.  What can i say, other than here’s an event that really shouts ‘country’ at you in no uncertain terms.  Set in a field, with all the trappings (shit, mud) that you’d expect, and all the events that really draw in the crowds – sheep shearing, cows, horses, young farmers, vegetables.  Actually, sad to say, it was great.  Considering we’d come fresh (well, obvs, not ‘fresh’) from Camp Bestival, it must have been quite exceptional for us to still enjoy ourselves, considering the smorgasbord of entertainment that was on offer at Bestival.

Camp Bestival was brilliant.  Despite being clearly certifiable for even attempting to take a 13 month old camping, generally it went pretty smoothly.  Got there on Thursday, in the midst of a heatwave, and put up our tent and met our fellow campees, without too much incident – excepting Andy’s sunstroke (which very sadly ended up curtailing the Turner’s camping experience early).  But, the kids actually slept in the tent fine (though i was bloody freezing, having packed in some kind of fit of summer pique whereby i decided to take a summer duvet instead of a sleeping bag, and dearly paid the price for the following 4 nights).  That had been my main worry.  My second biggest worry was how i was going to deal with the lack of routine.  For the most part, i think i dealt admirably.  Though, our kids were always the first to bed (aw, poor things), and i did start to get a bit twitchy around normal meal times…talking of which, the food was excellent.  But ridiculously pricey.  We were spending around £30 a meal, which, after 3 meals a day, for 3 days, adds up somewhat.  Next year (if…), will make sure i’m bringing A LOT MORE food of our own.  Especially breakfast fare.  But we saw some great acts (Jimmy Cliff, Rolf Harris, Rodigan), and the kids saw some fabulous sights (The Gruffalo, more ‘soft play’ areas than you could shake a rattle at, helter skelters).  It was a fab experience.  Though also a bit of an eye-opener vis a vis how the other half parent.  Some proper casualties (as you’d expect at a festival), but this time pushing prams too.  Not pretty.

Never too young to start raving…

Prior to our holiday (yup, that was our summer holiday, thank god we had the weather), we threw a summer party.  Invited everyone who we’d met (more or less), told them all it was a ‘bring your own’ style BBQ, then panicked and bought/made more food than we needed.  We’ve still got 30 burgers and 20 sausages in the freezer, will be eating them til christmas…and our wine rack is looking rather healthy (though that won’t last til christmas).  Think it went OK.  Was a real mix of geriatrics and parents of 4 year olds, plus a few neighbours in the middle.  The idea was to be able to get to talk to people who we’ve only really exchanged a few polite words with previously, though on reflection, that was a silly idea.  Forgot that when you host a party you don’t really get a chance to talk to anyone properly, as too busy making sure everyone’s getting drunk/eating.  Ah well.  Fingers crossed it may end up in a few return invites (hmmm, though none so far…perhaps it went much much worse than i thought…).


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  1. August 6, 2012 12:15 pm

    right – I know you’re about now. You cannot escape – get in touch.


  2. mary chamberlain permalink
    August 7, 2012 12:01 pm

    Ah, now you’re becoming officianados on country fairs, worldwide, how would you compare Oswestry Country Fair with the Tretten Horse fair? On a par? Xxxx

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