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FREE! RAF marketing propaganda

August 7, 2012

At last, we’ve found something free to do – though sadly it’s visiting the RAF Museum in Cosford…well, the weather forecast was dull again, and so, rather than mooch around the house doing things that are tedious but necessary (i.e. cleaning/washing…) we ventured out to go and look at planes.  Not exactly my idea of a fun day out, but we thought that little man might enjoy it.  And he did, though am slightly suspicious that that was mainly due to the fact that the hangars were big enough for him to scoot around (until we got told off and he had to walk…).  Actually, was quite interesting, if only to see a spitfire up close, and some of the test planes that they used to break the sound of speed.  There were some interesting relics, and got a bit excited when i saw the plane that Tom Cruise drives in Top Gun (not the actual one, as that would obvs, have been far too cool).  It is also the site of the ‘Cold War Museum’, which was interesting (though nowhere near as brilliant as the Cold War Modern Design exhibition on at the V&A a few years ago).  Odd to see history that you’ve lived through presented as historical fact, with kids who weren’t even glints in their parents eyes learning about the fall of the Berlin Wall etc.  Am sure we’ll be going back there a few more times over the next few years…(yawn).

Hmmm, not exactly happy about the excitement expressed at seeing a vehicle for mass destruction, but i’ll go with it for the time being…

In the meantime, our search for cultural stimulation is leading us further afield.  A day trip to Liverpool beckons tomorrow, which i’m quite excited about, as have never been there…and since i’ve failed miserably to cancel my Tate membership means that we can go and explore Tate Liverpool to our hearts content.  Will (hopefully) avoid The Beatles museum, but never say never.  Considering the closest we’ve come to ‘kulchur’ in the past 12 months has been seeing the ‘House of Beasts’ exhibition at Attingham, am hoping that i can quench some of my thirst for art and interesting objets tomorrow.  Actually, the Attingham exhibition was great – mainly consisting of fabulous sculptures and taxidermy, juxtaposed brilliantly amongst the .  I love a bit of taxidermy – when we’ve won the lottery, want to commission a series of ‘Guerilla Red Squirrels’ – anthropomorphically accessorised with mini-cartrdige belts, semi-automatics, grenades etc and posed as if in battle….perhaps Polly Morgan would do it for me if i paid her enough…!  (though, not too sure what the ethics are on wanting an endangered species to be killed and stuffed for my own personal political comment…would love to blame this idea on living in a desert of art, but sadly it predates our move…).

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