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August 12, 2012

The Liver Birds are on top of that building doncha know!

Well, it was European City of Culture.  For what felt like forever.  But still, we were amazed at Liverpool…we didn’t even get to the ‘culture quarter’, only walked from Lime Street down to the docks, but by gad, were we ever impressed.  The weather helped obvs, but the depressed city of yesteryear was nowhere in evidence.  The walk from the station took us through a wonderful pedestrianised shopping centre, with proper nice shops, and all kinds of fantastic community events going on (a piano festival!, the Olympics on big screens!, those weird giant balls that you get into and skim over water on! Table Tennis tables!), and the docks themselves were wonderful.  Museums, art galleries, restaurants…and of course a yellow submarine.  We managed to avoid doing any heinous Beatle activity and instead threw ourselves into the Tate and the International Museum of Slavery.  Both brilliant, albeit small.  Managed to see the Turner/Monet/Twomby exhibition which was excellent – though wee man was more impressed with the view of the Mersey (which, to be fair, was pretty impressive).  And walking round the sculpture exhibition was somewhat challenging for the hat (how do you explain to a 14month old that you can’t touch/climb/chew tempting exhibits like Dali’s lobster phone?!).  I found the slavery museum great, though hopefully most of it went over wee man’s head, as it was disturbing in places, but he loved the African Music phones.  We’ll definitely be going back again, so much more to see (and buy!!!), might even keep up my Tate membership just incase…

Note to self – must do up buttons better…though probably fitted right in with the WAGS of Liverpool

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  1. August 12, 2012 7:34 pm

    And sure isn’t Liverpool the city of your ancestors, the Harrisons! No wonder you felt at home there. BTW, a good practice to get kids into in art galleries and museums is to walk with their hands behind their backs (Hat not quite there yet I know) so that when you see the docents heading your way all ready to give you a lecture on kids not touching anything, you can stop them at the pass by pointing out the hands behind the backs. xxC

  2. August 12, 2012 8:40 pm

    Oh yes!!! Totally forgot…ah well, will go back with more of a keen eye! And love the tip re hands behind back…! Wee man does actually naturally strike that pose often, though need to encourage it inside, outside he loves to pace the garden like some victorian gentleman, hands held behind…(honestly, from where?!!) Big love to you xxx

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