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Hat’s Off…and now there’s no stopping her

August 22, 2012

Well, she took her first steps a few weeks ago – managed miraculously to catch it on film, but, sad to say, won’t be posting that video as it costs an arm and a leg, but she’s getting steadier and steadier, and now i no longer have a baby – but a Toddler!!!!  Replete indeed with mini-tantrums.  It is so frustrating being a 14 month old.  You know what you want, you understand most things (selectively admittedly), but you can’t seem to get want you want all the time.  I know what she wants, don’t get me wrong, her non-verbal skills are pretty strong, but, as we all know, you don’t always get want you want.  But when you’re little, and everything up until now has apparently revolved around you, this is a very hard lesson to learn (do we ever learn it really?!).  Star-boy didn’t really have tantrums, he’s so placid and considered that it didn’t occur to him to press the matter – she, though, being of sterner-stuff, wants it, and is not afraid to tell us.  The first time she threw herself face down on the floor and started banging her arms and feet down, in some kind of intuitive archetypical tantrum (due to the fact that i needed to go to the loo, and couldn’t therefore ‘walk’ around with crabbed back right at that very moment), i couldn’t quite believe my eyes, the second time i laughed, and although i’ve yet to see it thrice, am pretty sure it’s in the post.  Ah, bring on those terrible-twos, which i believe start about now and end at around 4 for girls (ha, who am i kidding. they never end for girls right?!).

You try and keep those little chubby legs still long enough to get a photo that’s not blurred!!! This was the 5th one before we all got bored…!

And so we’ve bought her first shoes!  Don’t get me started on the cost (£28???  And they want me to come back in 6 weeks for more???!!!), but am pernickety about the kids shoes, not least because of their wee imperfections, and so i will, dutifully, be back soon (though not that soon), to order the extra-wide shoes that she takes…an ‘h’, brilliant.  She’ll not be loving that in a few years time when she discovers that all the cool shoes only go as wide as an ‘f’.  But for now she’s chuffed to bits with her new shoes, proudly pointing to them whenever the word ‘shoe’ is mentioned, and gaily stuffing them in her mouth whenever they’re not on her.  She’ll have her mother’s fetish for new leather soon if she’s not careful!


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