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August 24, 2012

Don’t know if you had a chance to visit the wonderful site that is yet, but, in honour of a memorable 5 minutes last night spent laughing at it, i need to post my own version.  Sadly, they won’t let me post it on their site, as technically i’m not bred of two canine parents, but i have probably been compared to a female woofer in my life, so we’ll go with it for now:

We shall speak of this shame once and once only.  Mainly because i just have to have a very quick rant about Danica (or however she spells her name).  This girl is pretty, in a Scandinavian way, no doubt about it, and has a lovely figure.  But she is famous not for lingerie modelling, but for having a website and then a subsequent TV show, where she essentially posts what she would like, and lets guys buy it for her.  My god, and careful, cos am coming over all Daily-Mail now, but what kind of example is this?  Girls these days are wanting to become ‘footballers wives’ when they’re older, and we the public are allowing this kind of ridiculousness to be given serious legitimacy.  She is essentially one step away from a call-girl, though the fact that she doesn’t exchange favours for her gifts is i suppose to be lauded, and it is in fact the men who keep her who are even more stupid than she…but…really?!?!?!  This is what we’re coming to.  And her reward for this brazenness is to be given a spot on celebrity big brother.  I cry for the public role models that the hat will grow-up to…mind you, Disney princesses are no better neither.  Will save the full-on feminist rant for another day, as fair to say, it would be somewhat diluted considering the inspiration for this post.  Ho hum, no legs to stand on you say?  hmmm, right you are.  Off i potter…tail between my legs.

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