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Tiger-mum, i am not…

August 25, 2012

Well, i never really claimed to be a tiger-mum, but two recent events have highlighted to me how far from this ideal i really am.  The first was at no1 child’s swimming class last week.  Whilst showering after his 20 minute paddle there was another kid there, who was in his pre-school class, but is in a more advanced swimming lesson (and about to start at the local prep school, ra ra ra)…as the poor kid was showering, his mum yelled out “No dear, 3 plus 4 is 7”.  Poor thing, just done 20 minutes of exercise and his mum’s already haranguing him about addition tables.  I may well have taken this somewhat out of context, but it did rather shock me…

Meanwhile, having been nazi-mum for the past 4 years vis a vis TV, i have been made to realise that i may need to relax a bit.  I’ve rallied against the trend for Ben-10, reluctantly joining in games where i am Kevin, and Cosmo is Ben-10, happy in the knowledge that he doesn’t really know where this game comes from, and fooling myself that he’s just copying from his friends.  But, baaad Auntie Alice came and visited and bought with her a Box Set of Ben-10 videos (no dear, just because there’s 3 dvd boxes doesn’t mean that there’s actually 3 dvds, this is Auntie Alice after all…).  And so, he has now seen the original footage, and there’s no turning back.  Already this morning i have cries for “when the hat has her nap, can i watch Ben-10, pleeeeaaaase”.  I still haven’t quite bought myself round enough to watch it, though Adam is trying to reassure me by alikening it to Scooby-Do.  Apparently it’s not all just gore and monsters, there’s a nice moral story through each episode…and yet, and yet…they’re a PG cert!!!!  And we’re letting him watch this?  His brain will turn to moosh.  However, since i’ve not exactly been priming his brain in the aforementioned manner, and he’s unlikely to be taking his maths A’ level anytime in the next few years i guess i need to just relax.  It’s only going to get worse once he starts school.  And perhaps i need to let him have some social currency…don’t want him to end up like me, “practicing” my clarinet with Eastenders on mute (sorry mum), just to not feel left out.

The hat of course, desperate to grow up and be part of things, has latched on to the dvds recognising them to be things of great value, triumphantly exclaiming ‘hot-damn’ (or something that sounds remarkably like that), when she manages to actually hold onto one.  Will try desperately to maintain some kind of similar standards for her, but already i know, deep down, that it won’t be long til she’s joining him on the sofa, glued to the box.  Tiger-mum i am not, and very soon, i may not even be nazi-mum…i’ll have turned into some loose woman who lets their kids vegetate infront of meaningless dribble all day…and even as i write that, i know how ridiculous it sounds…millions of kids watch c-beebies, and i even like some of their parents…just. need. to. chill. out.  Easier said than done.

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