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September 2, 2012

The plums and apples are ripe again, and summer is all but over, so i know that it’s definitely been a year (a year!) since we moved up here.  How time flies…And what have i accomplished in this first year?  Well, i’m on my way to self-employment, with a couple of writing jobs on the go and a good rapport established with the local press.  And, whilst this last year i could rest somewhat on my maternity-paid-laurels, this year i will be making a concerted effort to actually bring in an income (certainly enough to warrant the accountant that i’ve hired – ever the optimist me!).  The kids are established to a certain extent more than we though (tis ever thus?!).  The hat a firm favourite at nursery, and the wee man moving on to school with his band of merry-mates – in fact, the majority of our social engagements are really centered around his friends, which is grand for him.  But…but…

You don’t generally hear me complaining about our move, because in general, everything is much improved.  Our living conditions, quality of life etc etc.  But, and i know that this is only a temporary condition, and that it takes time to find people who are of similar ilk, am having difficulty finding the kind of people i like to call my friends – clever, witty, cultured, fun.  I’m sure they’re out there, but am kissing a lot of frogs, as it were, at the moment.  This is perhaps the problem with letting your children determine who your potential friends are.  As whilst i’m a firm believer that nice kids come from nice parents, and in general this is true, i am perhaps not your archetypical ‘nice’ mum.  I like to think there’s a bit of an edge to me.  And so the search continues…

Am hoping that once wee man starts school there maybe a bigger pool of potentials to ‘date’.  Though am nervous that the kind of girls i like, who are driven and intelligent, are unlikely to be stay-at-home, and therefore even more unlikely to be picking up their kids, as will be at work…agh.  Think i may have to do two things to rectify this: 1) go to more playgroups with the Hat and 2) find ways of imposing myself for coffee on people who i fleetingly like, without ending up like the lovely needy mum who actually does want to by my best mate.  Hmmm, a difficult balancing act to make!!!  Perseverance will be my watch-word…roll-on the start of term, and the second year of rural life!!!

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  1. September 2, 2012 5:35 pm

    Once, in a conversation with an old acquaintance, Margaret, about some other acquaintances who were very nice BUT…, she waved her tattooed (“Margaret Loves Nobby”) arms in a wide negative arc splashing her Bass from her pint glass over the innocent bysitters at the next table and barked “Nice People? Who needs ’em!”
    (Point of grammar, the second sentence was not a question.)

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