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At Loggerheads…

September 17, 2012

And lo, a cider press has arrived!  Most fortuitously (fruituitously??) there appeared in the local ‘AdMag’ an ad for a press for £18, with little persuading my hero picked up the phone, disappeared round the corner and returned with a fully functioning press, crusher, buckets and other things all for the grand total of £17!!!!  What a bargain!  We then visited the local home-brew shop, which tbh, we thought had closed and moved and so never bothered to go in until now – but in the past few weeks it’s had a lick of paint (bright pink, really?) and the sign that we thought indicated it’s moving was, on closer inspection, a sign for a different shop which had moved.  Well, what an Aladdin’s cave the shop was.  Great for the kids – loads of glass and small items and  buckets for them to play with – and once we’d met the owner, the pink paint made sense.  In her late 50’s, obviously a home-brew officianado, opinionated but a wealth of wisdom, we were there for quite a while…until wee man pronounced loudly that he need a poo…repeatedly.  And so my work here is done.  Now, just for Adam to turn our apples magically into booze.

On Sunday, our wedding anniversary, we took a trip out to Sugnall Hall in Staffordshire, about an hour away, passing through a couple of quaint towns (so blasé about them now, barely worth a mention…) to get to the magnificent 2 acre walled 17th Century kitchen garden that was hosting a celebration of apples (hence our going – to get some know-how from the experts – and for me to have a butchers at what they grew in the kitchen garden).  Highly successful, except that i totally forgot to bring our apples with us to get an idea of what we actually have in the garden, duh.  But they had some really fab 5-colour chard, that i think i might have a go at, if only for the amazing colours – bright orange, red and purple stems with deep green leaves – too cool!

However, we then found ourselves at Loggerheads.  Literally…!  I had wanted to spend our anniversary lunch there for the comedy value, but, typically nowhere was open, and the local pub wasn’t serving food.  I say typically, as have adjusted all too quickly to country-life, where Sunday Opening Hours are almost religiously (ha ha) upheld, with the majority of shops not even bothering to open – a shocker really, but a lesson learned easily after one too many last minute dashes to the shops.  So after a brief stop we continued on and ended up in a random organic farm – Fordhall – which turns out to have been one of the first organic farms, and now a community-owned venture.  Created in 2005, anyone can become a ‘landlord’ – they’ve over 8,000 so far, run as a charity it’s quite a unique place – and they put on an fantastic sunday lunch spread.  The hat amazed everyone by eating most of her enormous ‘child’ portion, and then demolishing a slice of chocolate cake (demolishing being the operative word, had to take her outside, undo her vest, and wipe the crumbs out, leaving a small mound of chocolate mush outside the door…was pretty relieved to see the crumb mountain, as had wanted her to eat the stewed rhubarb with me, but once she saw the cake there was no convincing her that rhubarb would be a much better bet…).


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  1. September 18, 2012 7:07 am

    oh you both look so fit and happy, mazeltov on the anniversary and the Child Who Eats Everything. I love all brassicas, partic chard, Here’s something to do with it if you fancy. Written before I had a camera! P xx

    • September 18, 2012 9:05 am

      Ooooh Penny – fabulous, was somewhat wondering what to make with the chard, but chard pesto is a brilliant idea – and i totally agree re Pecorino, always use that rather than Parmesan for normal pesto, cuts through so much better…xxx

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