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Show and Tell shame

September 21, 2012

Week 3, and already i am a pariah.  Wondered whether i could pass my forgetfulness off as insouciance, but think, on reflection, that that is far too big a word for a 4 year old to understand, never mind explain, to his friends and teachers.  And so, yes, another Friday comes and goes, and i realise at the school gate that it is ‘Show and Tell’ day…ah.  Damn.  Last week i think i got away with it, as there seemed to be a lot of other parents with similar ‘ooops’ faces, this week however, not quite so much.  Next week, if i forget for a 3rd week running, well, then i certainly will be named and shamed i imagine.  Probably in one of the almost daily letters that comes back.

Am pretty sure that today’s missive, which contained a ‘gentle reminder’ for parents to bring their kids school money in in an envelope, was pretty much directly leavened at me.  And if i don’t remember to buy (and bring in) some wellies on Monday, well, then, i may as well go back to working in an office full-time – at least then i might have some kind of plausible excuse.

And, had the revelation today (bit late), that THIS IS IT.  For the next 18 years (or more??!??!?!).  The first few days of getting to school seemed a doddle, but as the days go on, it is seemingly harder and harder.  With all manner of things to forget, and the inevitable shit from the hat just as we are trying for the 5th time to actually leave the house.  For 18 years.  Ay Vay.  Am not cut out for this.

Obvs wee man not yet had this thought, he can barely comprehend the unbelievable amount of time it is til xmas (already…really….every morning…’is it christmas yet?’  The best being “Daddy, i can’t wait until it’s your birthday”…ahhhh…”cos then it’s nearly xmas”!!!!!!!!!  Hmmm…Daddy’s birthday’s in October…there’s disappointment ahead).  But i’m with him, bring on xmas, then we’ll only have 17.5 years of school runs to go.  But it does feel like an unbelievably long way away…

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  1. September 21, 2012 6:20 pm

    Dear Rosie – the first few days of school have the advantage of novelty value. As you have found, that soon wears off. Does it get easier? Will the children eventually gather their own requirements? No and no. Re the latter, they won’t be able to find the requested items. You see, children have a blind spot for anything immediately in plain sight, as you will discover when asked to help find any and all missing items – these items will invariable be in the center of the room with an arrow pointing at them. This does continue, as you already fear, through high-school. This is information you won’t find in the baby books and there is an unwritten rule among parents that obliges us not to disclose this information to newly expectant parents for the sake of continuing the race. Now that you are initiated, you must also adhere to the rule. Nya ha ha.


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