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Apple-Storing, Round 2, ding ding

September 26, 2012

Am now firmly relegated to the observing rather than doing camp re cider making.  This, obvs, suits me rather well.  But Ad’s been hard at work, harvesting the meagre supplies that the garden’s donated this year.  They’re ‘ripening’ in the garage as i type.  Not for too long i hope, as that was our mistake last year…but apparently storing them for a wee while increases their sugar (and therefore booze!!!) content.  Am trying very hard not to pinch too many, as now he’s done the hardwork of actually harvesting them before they fall to the ground and rot, have rediscovered my love of them.  Especially the red ones….

Meanwhile, school-farce update:  The daily letters are now to be transferred electronically.  As it’s not environmentally friendly to be wasting that much paper.  Will be intrigued to see how this works, had to create an account at some wonderfully anachronistic site (presumably it takes so long for school boards to agree to moving to email, that by the time they’ve agreed, and bought software to do it, the entire world’s moved on 15 years, and yet they’re tied to using the old system??!?!?!?!?!  Is the only way i can explain it to myself…).  They’d better bloody email me the letters and not just expect me to log on to discover if there’s any correspondence waiting…as they might be waiting a while…life’s too short, and i’ve already got too many email/twitter/blah blah blah accounts to check to add another one to.  Though, that said, obvs the guilt will get to me, and i will end up checking.  Just with a lot of daily swearing.  As the twat Cameron would say, ‘calm down dear’….

Also, big shout out to Cecily – who came and stayed with us this weekend…must have been all the time that she and wee man spent together as bairns that has created some wonderful bond betwixt them.  Not one fight, just amazing, wonderful imaginary play all weekend.  Brilliant.  But even better, as he’s finally found someone who thinks his favourite knock knock joke is proper hilarious (knock knock, who’s there, Dr Cosmo, Dr Cosmo Who?, Dr Cosmo Cosmo)……the thing is, i now find it hilarious too, though more in a hysterical way than anything else…this is what happens when you spend too much time with your own children.  The actually certifiably send you mental.

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