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A tale of two mums…

October 1, 2012

I finally could put-off no longer – having been asked out several times my excuses ran dry, and this Friday i found myself on a townie tour of Shrewsbury.  Heather is lovely; sweet and friendly, and our kids are of a similar age and get on and so we’ve spent many an afternoon together.  She is also the hat’s main source of clothes as her daughter Isabelle is 6 months older and so we are the lucky beneficiaries of many fab cast-offs.  I should’ve realised, as she told me that she was ‘dressing up’, what was in-store, but blithely didn’t bother changing, though i did put on some slap.  And so, we went to the first pub, where i realised the error of my ways quite quickly.  All the girls were wearing their best tight, short dresses.  The men in their best designer shirts and jeans.  I, in my kath kidson (oh the shame) skirt, with dubarry boots and usual long-sleeved vest/jumper combo looked very much the sloane/square.  Obvs no one was wearing a coat, nor tights.  Ah well, i pressed on, matching the chardonnay’s (them) with pints of lager (me).  And to another pub, more of the same…i took off my jumper in an effort to fit in, but swiftly put it back on as we went to sit outside (agh, the cold).  And then to our final destination: Montgomery’s.  Well, it’s plus was that it was free.  But inside essentially a ‘club’ with pounding music (which was actually quite good, old school-ish, not a one direction track to be heard – not that i’d know what that would sound like if it was smashed into my face, tbh – but i certainly recognised the music, though couldn’t talk above it obvs).  And so we danced, and eventually, by 11.30, i’d had enough and we left.  Heather would’ve stayed longer, but she had to get up at 5am the next day, thank god, as otherwise i’d’ve had to make excuses and lose face.  It was a fun night out.  But a real eye-opener as to what Shrewsbury night life consists of.  A lot of fat birds, in tiny dresses, drinking like they were 17, looking like they were 47.  Hmmm.  My god i’m such a snob.  I’m sorry…

And so to Sunday, where we met up with another mum, Nick, but this time at Attingham (the local national trust house).  There was a ‘harvest/apple fair’, and so we bought out apples for identification by an expert (in truth no more than a man with a book, so whilst it was interesting, am not 100% convinced of his expertise nor diagnosis).  The kids ran around playing – Nick too has two, a girl Cosmo’s age and a boy a year older than the hat.  Bless the boy, he’s about an inch shorter than our wee man, and is on-target for being about 6″4′, and the hat only comes up to the girl’s waist – Nick herself is pretty tall so that’s obviously where they get it from.  Was a far more civilised affair than Friday night, lovely meander through the woods, a cup of coffee, and general niceness.  Sadly i wasn’t in my Friday night get-up, but should’ve been, as i’d’ve fitted right in there.

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