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Chuggington Lives! Alas.

November 6, 2012

There are some toys that just won’t, no matter how incessantly they’re played with, ever run out of batteries.  There are others, whose batteries are forever needing changing.  Despite my best intentions of being a ‘natural material’ kinda toy owner, the reality is that i have 3 kinds of toys:

  • Toys that don’t need batteries
  • Toys that need batteries, but need batteries
  • Toys that would be better if their batteries needed changing

It is to this third category that Chuggington firmly belongs.  We inherited him, like most trains, from Baaad Aunty Alice – though all of the other trains fall into the first category and are therefore, it would appear from studious observation of my sample pool of both kids, simply not as interesting.  Though, the problem with Chuggington, is that actually, he’s also not that interesting.  He doesn’t really fit on the track, and although he might do a good impression of chugging along on a straight, give him a bend or a bridge and he’s easily defeated.  And so, he is left, lying like la cucuracca, his wheels turning, and whining, and turning and whining.  The kids, oblivious to this white noise play on regardless.  Turning and whining.  And so, it was with great joy that this weekend i was presented with a Chuggington that was broken.  Having been dropped from a good height by one of the gorgeous Cox bairns.  “oh dear” i grinned, “looks like Chuggington isn’t chugging anymore”.

Fast forward to this morning, and before e’en a sip of coffee had passed my lips, eldest child fell into my path waving Chuggington triumphantly.  Apparently, somebloodyhow, the button that you pressed to turn the bugger on has managed to re-assert itself, and the bastard now works again.

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  1. November 7, 2012 6:48 pm

    Rosie – the tops of wardrobes all over the world are choc-a-block with “lost” Chuggintons and its many cousins in the toy world. The loss of wardrobes (and specially their tops) with the advent of the “built-in closet” was a terrible blow to parents in the western world – that this went unreported in the mass media was the result of undue pressure having been brought to bear by that powerful lobby LADAP (League of Architects and Designers Against Parents).

    • November 9, 2012 2:39 pm

      AGH! Not the (dum dum dum) – LADAP!!!! Now that my eyes have been opened, i can see their dastardly work everywhere – they must be responsible for the insane lift policy, that appears to be global, ensuring that the alarm bell is the one that looks the prettiest, is often lit up, and essentially MUST be at toddler eye-height…i wonder now whether in fact it’s done on purpose – to ensure that the lift insurance companies – the ones you reach right after said button has been pressed – are kept well staffed and paid???? They’ve their fingers in a lot of pies those LADAP, when you stop to think about it….! xxx

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