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Where is the time gone?

November 25, 2012

Holy Cow…well, i can only explain my lack of blogging to a seriously nasty cold (or to call it by its ‘proper’ name – man flu).  Again, as with most things in life, i bring it upon myself by being far too cocksure.  Was only metaphorically patting myself on the back a fortnight or so ago at the fact that despite the kids were trailing home from nursery/school with all manner of colds and sniffles, i was managing to stay strong and healthy…when the bastard bug struck.  Luckily, the kids nor Adam seem to have caught this (though as i type Adam is not v well with ‘food poisoning’…we were out last night, but more of that later), so tis just i struggling on like a zombie.

I struggled through hosting the Steering Group meeting for the Green Shropshire Exchange – my pronounciation so impeded by cold that they couldn’t understand why someone who was ‘gold-orientated’ would want to get involved with a friendly fringe – this caused a bit of a parallel conversation until i had to correct them that i was in fact ‘goal-orientated’, which to be fair, didn’t make much more sense either – neither gold nor deliverable objectives are what the green movement is exactly famed for.  hey ho.

I hosted the editor of the county mag, through a fug of fever, but managing to snare a chance to run ‘splurge and purge’ for 11 months next year.  A few hours after he left i finally looked down at the floor (sinus pain having previously precluded me from doing so), to notice that right by his foot, on the filthy ‘protective mat’ that sits under the hat’s chair – ostensibly to protect the carpet from her detritus, but in effect being just a minging bit of cut-off table cloth – note to self, now that i’ve actually outted myself/this particular example of utter slovenly behaviour, i must get a new bit of table cloth – there was an upturned, semi-gobbed piece of jam and toast.  It’s the finishing touches that always let me down…

And so it was with the cakes.  5 of them.  in 24 hours.  For our neighbour’s surprise birthday party.  But, for those of you who’ve met my decorating skills, the end results will not be a surprise.  I tend to go for flavour, rather than finesse i think it’s best to say…the party was excellent – black tie!  Ooh, a proper dress-up…in the boat club – where there was an added element of frisson, due to the heavy rain and bloated river Servern – threatening to engulf the carpark.  No great drama in the end, sadly…just awful awful, shameful, never to be repeated dancing to gangnam style (oh oh oh, really?!  shame).

But it’s not been all doom and gloom.  Somehow, we also managed to make it to a lantern-making workshop – which it has to be said i did envisage as being slightly less full-on than it was.  Wicker modelling to create a 3-d shape, followed by papier mache covering (it’s amazing how, having done none, zilch, zero papier mache for, ooh about 30 years, i’m suddenly surrounded by it, and i fear it is not a passing phase…).  Obvs, wee man was supposed to be helping, but he and the other kids ended up racing around like, well, 5 year olds, whilst we the mum’s struggled on with their lanterns.  All to participate in the lantern procession for the turning on of the xmas lights.  V twee.  And lovely.  Though the quaintness somewhat marred by the appearance, on every street corner, or stalls selling multi-coloured light saber-type things, of every imaginable shape and connotation.  Luckily i ‘had no money’, predictably mummy’s homemade lantern holding no allure once the modern tech-solutions were presented as an alternative.

Have i told you about the town crier? He genuinely is that tall. Born for the job.

But this means that it’s officially Christmas!!! YEAH!!!!!!  Bit late with the christmas cake making – that’s this week’s job – next week it’s mince meat and christmas trees….hmmmm, sheeeeet, might need to start doing some shopping too eh.

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