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Where’s the time gone?

January 5, 2014

Tonight is the second Sherlock.  Which means that the first was a week ago.  How did that happen?  More importantly how did a year pass since my last post?  Apols.

Let’s not dwell, either on the lost week, nor year.  But carry on, regardless.

Amongst the plethora of new year’s resolutions, one was to go for a walk each and every Sunday.  It being only the second Sunday of January, it feels a tad early to self-congratulate myself, but still…by the end of this post, i will potentially have made a good start on three resolutions, and that ain’t bad.

Last week we ventured to Haughmond Hill, for a successful bout of scootering around the “20 min” trail (approx. time taken, 65 minutes).  This week we took ourselves off bright and early, to avoid the rain, to Bury Ditches.  Supposedly a magnificent example of an iron age hill side fort…

It's around here somewhere...

It’s around here somewhere…

According to our new bible, “Kiddiwalks in Shropshire” (which i can cross reference against my four other walking in shropshire books, i seem incapable of passing one by…), the fort is the biggest and best, affording panoramic views etc etc.  So, armed with wellies and binoculars, we headed off confidently.  There were only 6 instructions, but the 2nd, “turn right to reach the toposcope” proved too much for our orienteering skills.  We never found the toposcope, nor the fort, despite standing in what must have been it’s epicentre.  It doesn’t bode well for other, more complicated walks.

But not to worry.  The point of these is to get the kids prepped and practised…the Shropshire Hills proper can wait…and we had fun exploring the woods, or at least the first twenty metres of them.

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