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Lyth Hill 1 Laurences 0

January 15, 2014

Well, the intention was there.  And i’m pretty sure i said that it was all about the intention?  Not really about the actual walk per se.  Not yet.  Conditioning, that’s what we’re aiming for this year.  Next year, maybe actual walks.  Which is just as well, considering.  The day began ominously.  I should’ve taken heed.  It took us thirty minutes just to get out the house, as the Hat was having a tantrum.  Possibly about the possibility that she might not be able to take her scooter.  Possibly.  Either that or it was because she couldn’t decide which shoes to wear.  It’s a bit hard to know.  What ever the problem was it was incredibly serious, until it was instantly forgotten.  But damned if i was going to let a two year old win the war.  Walk it was.  Walk we would.

On reflection, maybe not...

On reflection, maybe not…

Admittedly, it might also have been a bit cold.  The car said 2 degrees, but the wind chill was pretty impressive.  It’s amazing we made it as far as we did.  Which is as far as you see in this photo.  Yes, possibly a whole 50 yards from the car.

Much like Carding Mill Valley, there’s two carparks on Lyth Hill.  Unlike Carding Mill Valley they are practically next to each other, and unlike Carding Mill Valley, we didn’t even manage to walk between them.  Apparently, just past the 2nd carpark there’s a windmill, and other great vistas and sights.  We drove up (oh the shame as i write that), with intentions of getting out and trying again (or indeed just turning the car around).  But once we’d been back in the car for 5 seconds , the kids had decided we’d had enough.  And that was that.  No point forcing the issue.

There’s always a next time.  It does look beautiful up there…and i did say that the point wasn’t the actual walking didn’t i?

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