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About Me

For 15 or so years i worked and played hard in London.  Then, with the birth of our second child, we came over all middle-aged and middle-class and decided to move to the country, as school options near us in Battersea were not ideal, and childcare costs were exorbitant.  My wonderful husband had recently trained as a teacher, and so, in theory, we could move anywhere.  He wanted to teach Film to 6th form students, and found a job in Wellington, and we moved to the nearest town.  Whilst we want to have the bucolic hippy dream of chickens and veg etc, to move immediately to a remote barn might have been a step too far in the first instance, and so we’re in a half-way house for now.  And what a house!  We’ve lucked out.  Shropshire is the forgotten ‘shire’, so much to explore and see, and the area of Shrewsbury that we’ve moved to (Belle Vue) is lovely, it lives up to its name.

This blog was set up as a way of keeping in contact with friends and family, and of documenting our new life, the kids’ early years, and our trials and tribulations as we settle-in, find new friends etc etc.  Welcome.  Enjoy.

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