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December 6, 2012

christmas cookiesSometimes it feels like all i do is bake…not that that’s a bad thing per se, but…have just put the second xmas cake in the oven – mad dash to get it in time – what with it’s 4.5hrs baking time, and the school run being in essentially the middle of the day, there’s limited time to use the oven.  The hat was simply NO HELP.  Honestly.  But fingers crossed this time i manage to get it out without any mishaps.  The dry-run on the gingerbread (my frugal christmas pressies for the kids friends) ended up with disaster.  Not the cookies, but for me.  Managed (and i do not know how), to somehow throw the oven in my face, leaving me with an attractive hitler moustache of a burn, which has now gone all crusty, and, well, quite frankly, i look delightful.  Good ol’ Bio-Oil being applied liberally from now til Christmas in order that i don’t look too ghastly – but it is still quite shameful.  At least i can now smile without it cracking…!

Other news is thin on the ground…cider is coming on nicely, fingers crossed we’ll have some fizzy and some still for the holidays, and a few more gallons for the cold January which is inevitably going to follow this freezing December.  Still can’t quite bring myself to taste it, i must get over my childish abhorrence of the appley-booze…

Wee man is still loving school, though in his own little world.  I do wonder how much he’s taking in.  The nativity play is on Monday, and despite daily rehearsals, it is a big struggle to get out of him what is going on.  He is a ‘chinese boy’ – can’t say i remember that from the traditional story – not helped by the fact that as we’re revealing the nativity scene (via the hat receiving a character a day in her advent calendar) wee man’s latched onto a shepherd insisting that that is a “chinese boy like me”….hmmm.  Can’t wait to see it…no doubt he’ll be the one wondering around of his own volition, oblivious to the story and what’s occurring.  Bless.

Not as cute as she looks....

Not as cute as she looks….

And the hat?  Well, by gad, she’s gotten big.  18months now…how did that happen?  Babbling and gesticulating wildly, running, skipping, jumping and generally growing up far too fast.  She’ll not be my little baby for much longer, almost makes me broody.  Almost.

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