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One sleep to go!!!

September 4, 2012

My god, the momentous day is almost upon us!  Wee man starts school tomorrow!!!  Tis only half days for the rest of the week, but still, it is a start.  He continues to be really nonplussed about the whole affair, having got bored of people asking him if he’s excited about school about 3 months ago, but perhaps tomorrow, as we kit him out in his school uniform, he might feign a bit of excitement, if only for my benefit (or at least at being able to wear his new school shoes – he is his mother’s daughter after all and does love a new pair of shoes).  And so tonight i’ll be writing his name large in all his school clothes (nothing like leaving this job to the last minute), whilst obvs, watching Great British Bake Off and salivating over cakes and breads.

Meanwhile, i’ve been starting my adventures in gardening.  If we are to ever move proper rural, and live the bucolic good life, then i do need to be able to grow something.  Can’t rely on a gardener for ever.  Am intending on creating a ‘square foot garden’ – and shan’t bore you all to death with the minutae here (though if you’re interested, have set up a separate blog to record my progress).  But today’s efforts are worth a mention – have finally broken ground (after months of procrastination and ‘research’).  Am already aching, so lord knows what i’ll be like tomorrow – the shame of it, i’ll be a broken woman, unable to even bend down to kiss my poor first born off, should perhaps have thought about that before i launched myself, gung-ho as ever, into the job at hand.  Ah well, it’ll all be worth it in the end (here’s hoping).

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